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Bumblebee Movie - Neue Figuren Bilder

TF-Real Movies Hier haben wir die Bilder zu den folgenden Bumblebee Movie Figuren:

Power Plus Soundwave
Soundwave callously collects intel by stealing the signals of Autobot communications. Once the cold Decepticon spy gathers valuable information, he uses the power of Energon to take off at top speed, delivering his report with haste to the ruthless Decepticon leader, Megatron.

Power Plus Ironhide
With the power of Energon coursing through his circuits, Ironhide shifts into high-gear to take on Decepticon threats.

Power Autobot Ratchet
With an Energon boost to his engine, Autobot Ratchet blasts onto the scene. The Autobot medic swerves through the chaos of battle, rapidly repairing injured bots.

Nitro Blitzwing
Blitzwing speeds through the skies, leaving every other bot in his jet stream. When the Autobots enter his sights, the brash Decepticon charges down for an Energon-infused blitz attack.

Nitro Dropkick
When Dropkick spots enemy Autobots below, he wastes no time making his move. He swoops down from overhead, spinning his propellers at full speed with the power of Energon.


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Bumblebee Movie - Neue Figuren Bilder

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