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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys Transformers Siege Deluxe will all come in display boxes, check out Sideswipe and pre-order your figures here…/war-for-cybertron-siege.html


Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys


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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

NEW ARRIVALS NOW IN STOCK! Retro Pop Highway. Prime Masters Wave 2 Re-stock & 24 inch Godzilla! RARRRRRGH!

1) Retro Pop Highway…/transformers-studio-series-bu…

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

NEW ARRIVALS NOW IN STOCK ! Transformers, Perfect Effect and Marvel Legends

1) Perfect Effect Mega Doragon -…/perfect-effect-mega-doragon.h…

2) Studio Series VW Bumblebee…/transformers-studio-series-de…

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

NEW PRE-ORDERS NOW AVAILABLE! Cable, Diaclone, Mastermind Creations & BIG POWERED!

1) Mezco One 12 Cable…/mezco-one-12-collective-cable…

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

NEW ARRIVALS - We've got a mixed bag this evening check it all out below

1) Hot Toys Infinity War Black Widow…

43285558_2062323030454549_1053161878315859968_n 43335347_2062321700454682_5440990550553526272_n 43374901_2062322063787979_7407990279682129920_n 43384004_2062319823788203_4026766504128151552_n 43401233_2062323820454470_75333361299619840_n 43408512_2062317663788419_3148618706263736320_n 43410092_2062321043788081_5058115686656638976_n 43425672_2062318857121633_4489981441421082624_n 43552495_2062319620454890_1417223763254050816_n

Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

Flame Toys IDW Optimus Prime Furai Model Kit is now available to pre-order -…

Check out the full image gallery below for this fantastic articulated snap model kit.

Flame Toys Premium Shattered Glass Drift is now available to pre-order and due December, don't know about you guys but he reminds us of a robot Deadpool…

43180776_2060398433980342_6843625001392799744_n 43388459_2060357657317753_3235921041905680384_n

Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys Transformers Studio Series Deluxe Drift is now available to pre-order, look at the cute little dinos!!! -…/transformers-studio-series-de…


Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

NEW ARRIVALS NOW IN STOCK - We've cleared all the pre-orders but have become aware some of you guys didn't realise there are 2 Prowls for pre-order, Takara is now in stock and Hasbro is due next month, if you want to swap over send us an email to now read on for the goodies! 

1) Takara Tomy MP17+…/takara-tomy-transformers-mast…

2) Transformers MPM-07 Movie Masterpiece Bumblebee…/transformers-movie-masterpiec…

3) Marvel Legends Archangel…

4) Marvel Legends Vintage Wave 2 set of 6…

Also in stock are

5) Into the Spiderverse Marvel Legends Gwen & Miles…

6) Black Series Bespin Escape Princess Leia…

7) Marvel Legends Exclusive Magik…

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys Transformers MPM-07 Masterpiece Bumblebee is due in stock late on Friday afternoon pending any transit delays EDIT - we sadly have a transit delay, now due Mon / Tues next week, pre-orders are still available here -…


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