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Super 7 - Transformers Figuren

Toy Fair Auf der New Yorker Toy Fair stellt die Firma Super 7 ihr lizenziertes Transformers Merchandise und Figuren vor. Darunter sind:

Super Schüsseln als Optimus Prime und Megatron Kopf
12 Zoll große Super Cyborgs, darunter Optimus Prime und Megatron
Super deformed Schlüsselanhänger
1.75 Zoll große Figuren, die es nur im Blind Pack gibt
Tassen und Gläser mit den G1 Charakteren

DSC02402 DSC02403 DSC02404 DSC02405 DSC02438 DSC02439 DSC02440 DSC02441 DSC02442 DSC02443 DSC02444 DSC02445 DSC02446 DSC02447 DSC02448 DSC02449 DSC02450 DSC02451 DSC02452 DSC02453 DSC02454 DSC02455 DSC02456 DSC02457 DSC02458 DSC02459 DSC02460


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Toy Fair 2018 – Flame Toys und Kuro Kara Kuri Action Figuren

Toy Fair Hier haben wir die Bilder von den kommenden Flame Toys und Kuro Kara Kuri Action Figuren. Diese Bilder sind von der New Yorker Toy Fair 2018. Kuro Kara Kuri bringt nicht transformierbare Figuren heraus. Das sind Drift, Tarn und Star Saber. Von Flame Toys kommen die G1 Model Kits Starscream und Optimus Prime.


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Wonder Festival 2018 - Evasion Mode Nemesis Prime Exklusiv

Toy Fair Auf dem Wonder Festival 2018 wird es den Evasion Mode Nemesis Prime als Exklusiv geben. Takara wird dort ihre neusten Figuren vorstellen.

Wonder Festival 2018 【Winter】
Taratomy Transformer Booth Information

Winter Festival 2018 [Winter] will be held on February 18 (Sunday) at Makuhari Messe!
At the Takara Tomy booth, there are plenty of contents of the first show!
Please come and visit us! !

1517481811-wo1 1517481811-wo2 1517481811-wo3


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Mark Wahlberg auf der Hascon 2017

Toy Fair Über den Twitter Kanal von Hasbro kommt die Nachricht herein, das Mark Wahlberg auf der Hascon 2017 sein wird. Er wird sich zu einigen Größen gesellen, wie zum Beispiel Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, Isabella Moner, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, IDW Artist Marcelo Matere, IDW Chris Ryall, Hasbro Transformers Design Team Manager John Warden und Transformers Msuik Legende Stan Bush.


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SDCC 2017 - IDW - Hasbro Comic Panel

Toy Fair Hier haben wir das SDCC 2017 - IDW - Hasbro Comic Panel.

IDW Panel Guests

Dave Marriot
Dave Hitchcock
David Rodriguiez
Margert Scott
Michel Kelly
Carlos guzman
Aubrey Sitterson
John Barber
Brandon easton

Launched Season one of Shared Universe

Optimus Prime

Has been leader of Autobots. He has not been leader of Cybertron for long time. He annexed Earth to be part of the council. Leads into revolution and First Strike. Some disagree with Prime's mission to bring in Earth. Characters in story are effected by Primes actions.

Till All Are One

Story had issues of politics and mind manipulations. Wraps up story to a supposed happy ending.

Lost Light

Hot Rod is purple. The last two issues takes a turn going into more directions. Will align with an eventual end game for the story.They are on course the reach the lost light, and see what they do with the Lost Light.


Rom is being helped by other Star Knights. More freaking and like sea monsters. Rom gets to know them and learns why they are there.


Is sort of at the heart of Revolution. The series is wrapping up as an almost second Universe crossover. They are 3" tall, and having the great scale difference on earth. Is a really interesting kind of story. They have been true to Marvel comics, but are blazing a new path with them. Next season, Micros will get more exciting and should offer some surprises.


Still have no figured out what Kommander is spelled with a "K. Looked at original series and cut out must of the chees. Idea of using Fast and Furious kind of thing. To have is make sense within the Hasbro Universe. Trades are coming soon. First season wrapping up now.

GI Joe

Look at the comic, there is good art work. Created a new aesthetic of action hero comics. "This will be the crown jewel of the Hasbro universe." In second half and is a sort of soap opera story. Its about how much happens and who are all these characters are. Things are starting to get really weird. Next month comes something they have been building for a long time. Kwickkick and Snakeyes fight. New Cobra Commander in issue 9.


Lats year major crossover event. Brings together most of the main characters. The SDCC Revolution toy set exclusive. Fans been asking for IDW toys and this is the first offer figure of ROM since 1979. Drift was the last toy they did with IDW. The creativity out of IDW has always been inspiring. Seeing stuff made into a toy, is a dream the writers never knew they had. IDW has been honored to tell stories for Hasbro characters.

First Strike

Issues 0 out int July.

A carefully crafted jumping off point for new reader, and lapsed readers. Not a crossover, it is said to be a real event. This will inform fans on what's coming in season two. They want it to be a book people want to read. THey have been trying some new ideas here and resetting the story to go in deep. What does it mean to see TFs on earth and what does it really look like.

Was setup to put GI Joe and other son different environments, like GI Joe on Cybertron. The writers partnered to make sure it was really good. Want to make this a story on its own. Earth has been pushed into this cosmic event. We find out how alliances are formed to reject the Earth joining the council. And plan to destroy Cybertron. Came up with cool ways to explain how non-robots might go in a war with giant robots. Found an organic way to solve problems in disparate story-lines. Inside is personal storyabout how Scarlet is learning about the origin of GI Joe, and redeem the original vision within the chaos.

Characters in Universe are based on science and technology in this universe. Just need to be intelligent and work hard to overcome threats. So really, anyone could be a member of the team.

Max Dunbar going art work for First Strike project. Worked on Micros and other comics. His clean style is perfect for the series. The Zero Issue showcases the artwork. Barber is involved in keeping the TFs accurate and fit properly into the story. He also contributes backups for some of the charter writing.

Cover artworks by Freddie Williams.

Series of one shots with Micronaughts and ROM as the first issues. The Dire Wraith.

GI Joe and Mask will be next one shots. Venom Joins Cobra and only GI Joe can stop them.

Optimus Prime and Transformers one shots will be the final two. War comes to Cybertron! Prime is on Cybetron with Arcee joining. Some of the Revolutionary characters show up. There is one character who is caught between two worlds. Prime and TFs are trying to get to this person first.

They didn't want to put out too many titles. They are ending others to keep offering 4 or 5 new comics each month as before.

GI Joe Unmasked

December, new title continues what has been told already. We get to build on all the character of development from past. With chars established, they can now put them in new situations. Army Ants and Dinosaurs and continues to get very weird, very quickly.

ROM and Micronaughts

The micros help ROM fight his biggest threat: a dire wraith god! Guys fighting really huge monsters. Looks at how ROM and micros work together.

Transformers Till All Are One Annual

Windblade, Starscream, Elita One, Who will rule Cybertron? A double issues, to hold a Transformers election. Who will win the control of Cybetron.


Transformers collection of Transformers. Artist Fico Osio, should offer realiy good art and story telling. Will act is a bridge to what's next. Leads to something BIG, UNICRON!

Questions and Answers

Q: Will Inhunmanoids show up?
A: Hasbro, cannot comment at this time.

Q: When is Buster coming?
A: Thundercracker and Starscream the movie. Someone gives TC a budget and mayhem ensues. He wants to be a TV writer, but doesn't really understand humanity. Tries to write version of Cobra Series.


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San Diego Comic Con 2017 – Collector Frühstücksvorschau

Toy Fair Hier haben wir die Bilder von der San Diego Comic Con 2017 Collector Frühstücksvorschau. Zu sehen sind:

Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogy

Titan Master





Dreadwing (Comber Wars Skydive Retool)
Darkwind (Comber Wars Air Raid Retool)
Dreadwing und Darkwind können kombiniert werden




Rodimus Prime (Abnehmbare Matrix)

Transformers: Robots In Disguise

Combiner Force Crash Combiner Primelock (Optimus Prime + Grimlock)
Combiner Force Crash Combiner Saberclaw (Saberhorn + Bisque)

Transformers: The Last Knight

Deluxe Hot Rod
Deluxe Cogman
Voyager Decepticon Nitro
Leader Megatron
Leader Dragonstrom
Legion Combiner Infernocus


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TFcon Canada 2017 – 3rd Party Panel

Toy Fair Hier haben wir die Bilder vom 3rd Party Panel von der TFcon Canada 2017. Zu sehen sind die Figuren der Firmen:

Mars Toys
X2 Toys
Fans Hobby
Power Toys
Iron Factory
Spark Toys
TFC Toys
Bad Cube
Wei Jang
Generation Toy
Transform Mission
Fans Toys
Mastermind Creations
KFC Toys


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TFCon 2017 in Canada

Toy Fair Jetzt können wir euch einige Bilder von der TFCon 2017 in Canada zeigen. Zu sehen sind unter anderen:

Titans Return Galvatron mit Upgrade
MMC Bulkhead vom Roadbuster Mold
MMC Thunder Clash vom Tarn Mold
MMC Drift


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Quelle: DaimChoc

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San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exklusiv Revolution Toy Set

Toy Fair Hier haben wir die ersten Bilder vom San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exklusiv Revolution Toy Set. In diesem sind:

Transformers – Jetfire
GI Joe – Roadblock
MASK – Matt Tracker
Action Man – Action Man
Rom The Space Knight
Rom – Dire Wraith
Visionaries – Leoric
Micronauts – Assorted Minis

Dazu gibt es das Revolution Comic Crossover Mega-Set:

This is the Revolution Comic Crossover Mega-Set, which will retail for $99.99. While it’s debuting at Comic-Con, it will also be for sale at Canada’s Fan Expo – and it will be available in limited supply at Let’s take a closer look, piece by piece….

SDCC-Revolution-Set-01 SDCC-Revolution-Set-02 SDCC-Revolution-Set-03 SDCC-Revolution-Set-04 SDCC-Revolution-Set-05 SDCC-Revolution-Set-06 SDCC-Revolution-Set-07 SDCC-Revolution-Set-08 SDCC-Revolution-Set-09 SDCC-Revolution-Set-10 SDCC-Revolution-Set-11 SDCC-Revolution-Set-12 SDCC-Revolution-Set-13 SDCC-Revolution-Set-14 SDCC-Revolution-Set-15 SDCC-Revolution-Set-16 SDCC-Revolution-Set-17 SDCC-Revolution-Set-18 SDCC-Revolution-Set-19 SDCC-Revolution-Set-20

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San Diego Comic Con 2017 Exklusiv Masterpiece Optimus Prime

Toy Fair Toys R Us hat jetzt ihr San Diego Comic Con 2017 Exklusiv veröffentlicht. Es ist der Hasbro Masterpiece Optimus Prime.

With SDCC around the corner, Toys“R”Us has got fans covered by officially unveiling our roster of exclusive playthings for this year’s show today – including a TRANSFORMERS item.

From Wednesday, July 19 (preview night) – Sunday, July 23, conventioneers and online shoppers can find Masterpiece Optimus Prime (MP 10) at the Entertainment Earth booth (#2343) and online at

You can view our entire line up of SDCC exclusives below and at our blog – No Assembly Required.

During Comic Con, attendees can follow @ToysRUs for boots on the ground coverage from the show in San Diego. We’ll feature exclusive content from some of the most talked about panels and provide up-to-date info that fans won’t want to miss.

The following Toys“R”Us exclusives will be available at the Comic Convention (Entertainment Earth booth #2343) from Wednesday, July 19 – Sunday, July 23, and online at from Thursday, July 20 – Sunday, July 23. These items will also be available at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide later this year.

TRANSFORMERS Masterpiece Optimus Prime (MP10) from Hasbro

This TRANSFORMERS Masterpiece Optimus Prime collectible figure will definitely be a favorite among TRANSFORMERS enthusiasts at this year’s show. The figure is an MP10 variant and the perfect Masterpiece figure for any fan to start their collection! The figure features a unique color variant inspired by the original TRANSFORMERS: GENERATION 1 animated series. Featuring a high level of detail and intricate articulation with poseable fingers, the figure stands at 9.5 inches when in robot mode and converts between robot and truck modes in 24 steps. The Masterpiece Optimus Prime comes with numerous classic Optimus Prime accessories including the Spike Witwicky figure, Orange Energy Axe, Matrix of Leadership, Ion Blaster Rifle and Roller Unit. The Matrix of Leadership accessory is comprised of mostly die cast metal and a blue, gem-like center which can be carried in the figure’s chest. Fans can fold the Ion blaster Rifle in half and store it in the figure’s back. The Masterpiece Optimus Prime figure also comes with a trailer that converts into a battle station and a repair bay. Rubber tires are also included.

1496505623-hasbromp10 1499363302-masterpiece-optimus-prime-2 TRANSFORMERS-Masterpiece-Optimus-Prime-from-Hasb TRANSFORMERS-Masterpiece-Optimus-Prime-from-Hasb

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