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C.O.N.S. - Die Deutsche Transformers Fan Convention

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

NEW ARRIVALS NOW AVAILABLE! we've got restocks of 3 previously sold out items, Ectotron, Clone Commander Obi Wan and the NECA TMNT Turtles Set of 4, find them all below

1) Black Series Clone Commander Obi-Wan - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/star-wars-black-series-clone-…

2) Transformers G1 Style Ectotron - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/transformers-ghostbusters-cro…


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Transformer Studio Series SS-059 Shatter Jet Mode

Hier ist eine Video Review vom Transformer Studio Series SS-059 Shatter Jet Mode.

Quelle: TonTon Review

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FEXT System SCI-FI 04 Display Module und Utility Display Stands

Im folgenden Video werden uns von FEXT das System SCI-FI 04 Display Module und die Utility Display Stands gezeigt.

Quelle: peaugh

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Transformer Earthrise Ironworks

Hier ist eine Video Review vom Transformer Earthrise Ironworks.

Quelle: TonTon Review

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Transformers Cyberverse Figuren - Neue Bilder

Hier haben wir die Bilder der folgenden Transformers Cyberverse Figuren:

Scout Ramjet mit Cranium Crash Attack. – Neuer Mold.
Scout Dead End mit Sonic Uppercut Attack
Warrior Stealth Force Hot Rod – Black Redeco vom Warrior Hot Rod.
Warrior Cybertronian Bumblebee – Retool von der Warrior Figur mit neuen teilen und Kopf
Warrior Cybertronian Megatron – Retool von der ersten Warrior Figur mit neuen Teilen
Warrior Soundwave – Repack.
Ultra Hot Rod mit Energon Armor Gimmick.
Ultra Bumblebee mit Energon Armor Gimmick.
Ultra Clobber mit Energon Armor Gimmick.

01-Cyververse-Action-Attacker-Scout-Ramjet 02-Cyververse-Action-Attacker-Scout-Ramjet 03-Cyververse-Action-Attacker-Scout-Dead-End 04-Cyververse-Action-Attacker-Scout-Dead-End 05-Cyververse-Action-Attacker-Scout-Steath-Force-Hot-Rod-Bumbleb 06-Cyververse-Action-Attacker-Scout-Steath-Force-Hot-Rod 07-Cyververse-Action-Attacker-Scout-Bumblebee 07-Cyververse-Action-Attacker-Scout-Megatron-Soundwave 08-Cyververse-Action-Attacker-Scout-Megatron-Soundwave 09-Cyververse-Ultra-Class-Hot-Rod 10-Cyververse-Ultra-Class-Hot-Rod 11-Cyververse-Ultra-Class-Bumblebee 12-Cyververse-Ultra-Class-Bumblebee 13-Cyververse-Ultra-Class-Clobber 5ebd350d-7f35-4e33-97a0-a50021373ffd

Quelle: ebay.com

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Transformers Botbots Serie 4 - 8er Packs

Jetzt können wir euch die Transformers Botbots Series 4 vorstellen. Genauer sind das die 8er Packs. Hier sind die Zusammensetzungen der Teams.

Wilderness Troop #1: Goggly Spy P.I., Ranger Lampton, Swapbox 16, Aday, Grandma Crinkles, Bretzel, Eye Goon, Mystery Botbot
Wilderness Troop #2: Goggly Spy P.I., Doc Kit, Tricitrustops, Suave Verde, Heat Freak, Snorg the Conqueror, Cypops, Mystery Botbot
Wilderness Troop #3: Ranger Lampton, Cam the Man, Aday, Flare Devil, DJ Fudgey Fresh, Crabby Grabby, Loadoutsky, Mystery Botbot
Wilderness Troop #4: Cam the Man, Rusty Von Cleave, Peels the Monkey, Fizzkick, DJ Fudgey Fresh, Pop N. Lock, Bemyne, Mystery Botbot
Movie Moguls #1: Bretzel, Lumidope, Chef Nada, Incog-Eggo, Peels the Monkey, Rusty Von Cleave, Pop N. Lock, Mystery Botbot
Movie Moguls #2: Fizzkick, Movie Munchster, Bogusaurus Rex, King Cubano, Ranger Lampton, Grandma Crinkles, Swapbox 16, Mystery Botbot
Movie Moguls #3: Lumidope, Critically Complained, Doc Kit, Heat Freak, Loadoutsky, Bemyne, Peary Peculiar, Mystery Botbot
Movie Moguls #4: Bretzel, Fizzkick, Tricitrustops, Snorg the Conqueror, DJ Fudgey Fresh, Roarista, Suave Verde, Mystery Botbot

Botbots-Series-4-5-packs-01 Botbots-Series-4-5-packs-02

Quelle: Entertainment Earth

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Earthrise Deluxe Hoist & War for Cybertron Siege Astrotrain & Cliffjumper

Hier haben wir die Video Reviews von den Transformers Figuren Earthrise Deluxe Hoist und War for Cybertron Siege Astrotrain & Cliffjumper.

Quelle: PrimeVsPrime und Charles A Emanuele

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

NEW ARRIVALS NOW INSTOCK Initial D, Optimus Prime, Smokey and the Bandit and Knight Rider!

1) Jada Toys 1:24 Initial D Takumi and Toyota - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/jada-1-24-scale-hollywood-rid…

2) Jada Toys 1:24 Optimus Prime - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/jada-toys-metals-transformers…

3) Jada Toys 1:24 Knight Industries 2000 - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/jada-1-24-knight-rider-k-i-t-…

4) Jada Toys 1:24 Smokey and the Bandit Firebird and Belt Buckle - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/jada-1-24-smokey-and-the-band…


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Neue Angebote bei Gerrut Camaro

Update used figures @ www.gerrutcamaro.nl/nl/home !

Over 150 different items added!

78700704-3187336261280911-8326154704455204864-o 78821784-3187335484614322-3696327070587027456-o 78869287-3187335247947679-3233970697256566784-o 79086864-3187336711280866-2098815363524329472-o 79368336-3187335881280949-7056343568943677440-o 79382692-3187335657947638-6151870683866464256-o 79501602-3187336511280886-1412197311487934464-o 79811779-3187336067947597-2129025450519822336-o

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

3 NEW ARRIVALS NOW INSTOCK! NECA 1979 Alien Big Chap, Furai Model Drift and restocks of the Doom Eternal Doom Slayer from McFarlane Toys, check them out below

1) Alien 1/4 Big Chap - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/neca-1-4-scale-alien-1979-big…

2) Furai Model Drift - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/flame-toys-furai-model-10-dri…


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