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C.O.N.S. - Die Deutsche Transformers Fan Convention

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299147145-1042125506583117-3921935462513811971-n 299290142-1042126273249707-7440215198750136741-n 299498478-1042125116583156-6676218963125426551-n 299657579-1042124903249844-8987363996018885279-n 299789190-1042125226583145-348409012009143345-n 299793485-1042128013249533-4213860993496151176-n 299964796-1042128889916112-4504309208925105084-n 299983413-1042124983249836-2793432749817411566-n 299984414-1042126906582977-3673390753223963209-n 300126474-1042125683249766-6782389147775361116-n

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Transformers Legacy Deluxe Crankcase

Hier sind die offiziellen Bilder vom Transformers Legacy Deluxe Crankcase. Dazu haben wir auch die Concept Art Bilder.

I hope everyone enjoyed watching this afternoon’s livestream, it felt great to finally show off Legacy Deluxe Crankcase!

When I saw the appearance of the Movieverse Crankcase I just had to find a way to release an update of this guy. I did love his appearance in the @idwpublishing but I felt the toy head would be the go instead of the halfway blown apart head like the comics.

Worked with Shu san in Takara on this partial of Legacy Skids mold and we went back and forth an awful lot about the trigger blasters. It was really challenging to fit the blasters with a blast compatibility and we are also wanted to keep the alt mode clean with the blasters hidden. It was a compromise in the end as I really wanted this character. I even had a rendition where the side fender compartments came off on a 5mm post to be added as ammo for the front grill blaster, but since this was a partial mold, we did our best to do the character justice within the cost alotted.

To note the silver op behind the grill was stripped to utilize those ops for the cool two tone decal on the back spare tire.

I will post some more in my story for a feature tidbit on this guy and I hope you really enjoy him!

Legacy-Cranckcase-01 Legacy-Cranckcase-02 Legacy-Cranckcase-03 Legacy-Cranckcase-04 Legacy-Cranckcase-05 Legacy-Cranckcase-06 Legacy-Cranckcase-07 Legacy-Cranckcase-08

Quelle: Hasbro Designer Mark “Markclonus” Maher

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Transformers Legacy Leader Transmetal II Megatron

Hier sind neue Bilder und Informationen zum Transformers Legacy Leader Transmetal II Megatron.

Transformers Legacy – Transmetal II Dragon Megatron

What a beast of a character this turned out to be. This was an awesome project to have the opportunity to take over from Lenny, and I absolutely loved his vision for what this figure would become. This dragon form is a great homage to the original character, but takes the opportunity to update it with some modern aesthetics to fit in the legacy styling. The Claws of the dragon mode are able to be incorporated into the robot chest, and both the tail and neck feature multi tiered balljoints to allow for maximum articulation. Ejima Takio did an incredible job of bringing this character to life, and to following the initial design plan so closely.

Fun fact, due to the scale texturing applied to the entire model, the characters digital file actually surpasses our Titan and Masterpiece figures in complexity. It’s a rig killer, but that seems fitting for Megatron.

There are a lot of complex colors used across the both modes, and a lot of subtle gradients used to mimic the transitions from the more pearlescent hardened scales to the brighter underbellies. There is a darker shade used as the eyeshadow on the dragons face, and a complimentary gold used on the horns and claws. The overall body is molded in a dark matte metallic red, to help reduce the color discrepancies between the various materials used for molding. His wings are molded in a warmer translucent amber, while the translucent parts are cast out of a stark orange clear ABS.

Lastly there is a 5mm port in the mouth of the dragon to be able to accept the flame accessory. This can be used in both Robot and Dragon mode, and can also be wielded as a club in the figures right hand.

Legacy-Transmetal-II-Megatron-01 Legacy-Transmetal-II-Megatron-02 Legacy-Transmetal-II-Megatron-03 Legacy-Transmetal-II-Megatron-04 Legacy-Transmetal-II-Megatron-05

Quelle: Hasbro Designer Sam Smith

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Super Impulse World Smallest G1 Transformers Figuren

Hier haben wir die Bilder zu den Super Impulse World Smallest G1 Transformers Figuren der Serie 2. Dazu gehören G1 Megatron, Soundwave und Arcee.

Super-Impulse-Worlds-Smallest-Transformers-01 Super-Impulse-Worlds-Smallest-Transformers-02 Super-Impulse-Worlds-Smallest-Transformers-03 Super-Impulse-Worlds-Smallest-Transformers-04 Super-Impulse-Worlds-Smallest-Transformers-05 Super-Impulse-Worlds-Smallest-Transformers-06 Super-Impulse-Worlds-Smallest-Transformers-07

Quelle: amazon.com

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Mastermind Creations Reformatted R-48SG Optus Prominon

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Flame Toys Furai Model Windblade (Model Kit)

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Hasbro Transformers Studio Series 86 Ironhide (Voyager Class)

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VÖ: November 2022

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Hasbro Transformers Studio Series 92 Crosshairs (Deluxe Class)

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Hasbro Transformers Studio Series 93 Autobot Hot Rod (Deluxe Class)

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Link: https://www.thecollectorsbay.de/.../hasbro-transformers...Hasbro Transformers x Tonka TonkanatorPreis: 149,00 EuroVÖ: Dezember 2022Link: https://www.thecollectorsbay.de/.../hasbro-transformers-x...

299672772-578613960626148-6476001716043706314-n 299958283-578613840626160-3268687027084676369-n 299963007-578613853959492-7668694834067525682-n 300114446-578613837292827-4019257539293878625-n

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Neue Angebote bei TF Robots

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DNA Design DK-35P & DK-37B Upgrade Kits

Von DNA Design kommen nun die Upgrade Kits für Legacy Laser Optimus Prime und Premium Finish SS-03 Voyager Megatron heraus. Die Bezeichnungen sind: DK-35P Premium Finish SS-03 Voyager Megatron Upgrade Kit und DK-37B Legacy Laser Optimus Prime Upgrade Kit.

DNA-Design-DK-35-P-01 DNA-Design-DK-35-P-02 DNA-Design-DK-35-P-03 DNA-Design-DK-35-P-04 DNA-Design-DK-35-P-05 DNA-Design-DK-35-P-06 DNA-Design-DK-37-B-01 DNA-Design-DK-37-B-02 DNA-Design-DK-37-B-03 DNA-Design-DK-37-B-04 DNA-Design-DK-37-B-05 DNA-Design-DK-37-B-06 DNA-Design-DK-37-B-07

Quelle: DNA Design

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Transformers Studio Series Transformers Movie 2007 15th Anniversary Multipack

Hier ist eine Video Review vom Transformers Studio Series Transformers Movie 2007 15th Anniversary Multipack.

Quelle: PrimeVsPrime

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